Billy Kao


Assistant Professor

PhD Language Education, Indiana University Bloomington, USA
English Reading and Vocabulary, English Conversation, Journalistic English

Hi, I’m Shih-Fan Kao, but people usually just call me Billy. Reading newspapers and watching YouTube are the two things I do every day. I skim the USA TODAY, a major American newspaper, almost every morning. Besides, I watch all kinds of videos on YouTube on a daily basis too. From these two channels, I get English input that surely can improve my language proficiency and culture understanding. In addition, I truly enjoy reading original novels that are adapted into movies or TV shows later such as YOU (a popular TV show on Netflix now).

嗨!我是高士凡,人們通常都稱我為Billy。我每天會做的兩件事為:1.閱讀報紙 2.觀看YouTube 我幾乎每天早上都會瀏覽美國的「USA TODAY」除此之外,我也會看各種類型的影片。 透過這兩種學習英文的方式,我在語言的熟練程度以及文化的理解,一定會有所提升。另外,我真的很喜歡看原創小說,比如「YOU」它後來有被改編成電視劇。(Netflix上的熱門電視節目-安眠書店)